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Pinduoduo (Part 4): Concluding Pinduoduo's Future

Previously, we introduced Pinduoduo's company's history and business model in Part 1, and dissected the company's performance and marketing strategies in Part 2. In the latter half of our Pinduoduo series, we explore Pinduoduo's long term future business strategies, including developing Pinduoduo's role as an AgriTech (i.e. agriculture and technology) platform in Part 3, and boosting user trust and satisfaction in this fourth and final installment. Specifically, in this article, we summarize the strategies Pinduoduo has implemented to increase user confidence and spending on the platform, as well as analyze their efficacies. We also take a look at Pinduoduo's monetization rate and explore the implications of this statistic, before concluding our four-part series on the company.

Enhancing User Confidence and Spending

A Slowing User Growth Rate

While high user confidence and satisfaction is undoubtedly vital to any successful, growing business, boosting these factors is particularly important to Pinduoduo as the company's user growth begins to slow down. With 850 million annual active buyers as of the end of Q2 2021, it would be, as management also acknowledges, very difficult for the platform to continue to maintain its rapid historical growth rate of tripling the annual active buyer count over a period of only four years. Consequently, while we expect that Pinduoduo will undoubtedly continue to try and attract new (and particularly higher income) users going forward, we anticipate the company to place greater emphasis on increasing monetization from existing users going forward.

For the sake of comparison, during the year ended June 2021, Alibaba recorded 828 million annual active users for its China retail platforms (i.e. T-Mall and Taobao), while JD recorded 532 million annual active users.

Platform Upgrading

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